Why You Should Buy Original iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

July 6, 2015

When your iPhone screen is cracked, shattered or broken, you might be tempted to buy a cheap iPhone 5 screen replacement. While you might be spending less compared to an original screen replacement, the odds are you will be replacing your screen anytime soon.

Cheaper iPhone 5 screens are often made of low quality materials. In some cases, they are made of plastic. They might reduce the risks of a break, but the plastic screen lowers the quality of the iPhone digitizer. That’s why original replacement screen s for iPhone 5 is more expensive because it is made of a high quality material that enhances the user experience.

When you bring your broken phone to a reputable iPhone 5 screen repair service London, you are assured that they are getting original parts to replace the old ones. It is not just the quality of the glass screen, but also the adhesive used to bond the glass to the frame. Nothing is refurbished or used as well. These are the reasons why original screen replacements are more expensive.

There are some shady sellers that try to sell original replacement units at a much lower price. You should be wary about these sellers because they could be offering used or refurbished iPhone LCD screen. They buy broken screens from repair shops in bulk and then separate the LCD from the iPhone digitizer. Then they get a digitizer and combine it with the used LCD. The problem with separating the LCD from the digitizer is that the process causes micro-abrasions on the screen that can compromise its image quality and look. Plus companies that refurbish LCD screens often use a low quality optical adhesive that compromises the viewing quality and allows dust and other debris to get between the digitizer and the LCD.

When you buy used or refurbished iPhone 5 screen replacement, you also risk getting one with dead pixels. While these dead pixels are not visible to the untrained eye, it reduces the quality of the screen. An original iPhone 5 screen doesn’t have any dead pixels, which is the highest quality that you can get.

There are also some sellers who offer brand new iPhone 5 screens that are cheaper than the original. These screen replacements are made of low quality glass that has the higher risks of breakage. An original replacement screen for iPhone 5  is made of high quality glass that is durable and strong. It is designed to last long and protect against daily wear and tear.

It is important that you bring your Apple smartphone to a reputable iPhone 5 screen repair service London. That way you’ll be assured that the screen replacement is original and not a cheap imitation.

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