Before proceeding, please red our Writing Guidelines

We have two types of users who can submit content on – Basic and Premium

Here are the general registration guidelines for both…

Basic User – Free

Simply Register for an account and start submitting content. Our editorial team will ensure you followed the Writing Guidelines and approve your post.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting…

As a Basic User, you are responsible to ensure…

Posts must:

  • Be of a very high quality
  • Be between 6,00 and 1,200 words long
  • Images should be 620 pixels in width
  • Have no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Not include any personal affiliate links
  • Not Be self-promotional
  • Follow all the Writing Guidelines
  • Basic users are allowed “2” links within Author Bio and “2” within content.


Premium User – Membership

If you sign up for our Premium Monthly Membership our editors will proof read, format, lengthen and add + optimize images within your content.

Here are some other Premium Benefits…

  • Our team will edit your content (spelling or grammatical errors)
  • Research and add additional words to your content
  • Add + optimize images within your content (we’ll add relevant images)
  • Link to your content through partner blogs for link juice and exposure.
  • Our team will internally link to your content within
  • Add a feature image to your post before publishing
  • Premium users are allowed “2” links within Author Bio and “2” within content.

To get started, simply pay the $6.00 monthly fee and we’ll send you your log-in information once we process your account.

Limited Time Offer – 7 Day Trial

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