Reasons and Methods of Importing Lotus Notes Emails into Outlook

February 9, 2015

Numerous applications for data management and communication are provided to both corporate and non-corporate worlds. These applications are used in order to connect people with the online world.The online world cannot be imagined without emails. They are the medium to transfer and exchange information as communication. With the growing technology the number of email services increasing significantly; it has become difficult to choose the right one. It is noted that the number of emails are increasing exponentially. In order to overcome this situation the concept of email client was sketched and today there are a large number of email clients available with some distinguish features. The two email clients that draw attention are Lotus Notes and Outlook. These two giants have captured the market globally and figures show that Outlook is used by about 85% of the people.

Reasons for the Popularity of Outlook

Outlook is said to be in the foreground due to the following features:

  • It is easier to maintain backup in Outlook as compared to Lotus Notes.
  • It is provided with additional features keeping in mind the convenience of users.
  • Outlook can be configured with smart phones making the data accessible anywhere.
  • Outlook is flexible and easier to learn than IBM Notes.
  • Outlook is easy to maintain as it is available with Microsoft Office Suite.

Sometimes, scenarios may arise where one needs to open Lotus Notes files in Outlook due to the easily availability of the latter client. But doing so is not possible as both the clients support different file formats. NSF i.e., Notes Storage Facility format is understood by Lotus Notes while Outlook supports PST files. Therefore, an email which is present in Lotus Notes cannot be viewed using Outlook. In order to do so one needs to convert the NSF files in PST format.

Making Lotus Notes Data Accessible On Outlook – The Procedure

However, due to unavailability of a manual procedure to make Notes database accessible on Outlook.It becomes difficult for the users to import data from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Due to this reason people look forward to third party programs to fulfill their requirement. There is large number of software programs available in the market that allows importing files to and fro. Though this makes users get stuck with the complexity of selecting an appropriate tool for them. Some points that need to be kept in mind for selecting the best tool for importing Lotus Notes email into Outlook 2010are:

  • The software should preserve the data and folder structure of Lotus Notes database.
  • It should control the size of PST files when it reaches the maximum limit.
  • Conversion should be done according to the user’s choice.
  • The header and HTML formatting of emails should be maintained to retain inline images.
  • The status report should be provided by the software after conversion.
  • Filter option should be provided in order to import emails faster.

On considering all these factors Export Notes comes out as an effective tool in order to import Lotus Notes data into Outlook. It exports emails, tasks, calendars, notes, etc., from NSF into Personal Storage Table file with attachments and maintains the folder structure. Moreover, the software is provided with an option to exclude deleted items in order to save time during the process.

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