Key Strategies for Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

April 23, 2015

Our Experience

Toronto Dry Cleaning prices, dry clean techniques, presentation and customer experience (CX) are vital to success. In present times, CX is more valuable than ever since there is a major social aspect to any business. So let’s look at the strategies in making sure customers develop a sense of connection to the business. We practice this every day.

Smiling and Warmth

While prices, eco friendliness and the appearance of the store are significant factors for customers in coming back, equally so is creating a sense of warm connection. This can be done without even uttering a word. Just smile and from our experience, customers smile back and “feel” welcomed. It sets the expectation that their experience will be pleasant and will foster a positive outlook then and in the future.

We are all looking for warmth and pleasant day to day life, are we not? Understanding of natural human psychology is important. Now this doesn’t mean one must go take a course in it to better their business process. Rather, it can be realized by looking into one’s own self and others around them. In a rush-rush daily life we live, a substantial insightful gain can be made by taking even a short minute to stop and reflect. Reflection is key, whether it be for business purposes or use in personal life. However in this instance we see that personal insight comes in handy in business situations, especially with customers.

Feeling of Importance

After the smile, asking how they are, what’s their day been like creates a feeling of importance. It lets the person talk about anything they feel like and sometimes helps in even reducing stress. They also gain a sense that this business actually cares about them. If the customer feels valued, then chances are they will like to keep coming back, partly because of that feeling!

This is customer satisfaction translating into customer retention. Remember those questions that you ask yourself or a professional business developer may ask you during a developmental session? One of them would be “What do you provide that makes you stand out? What makes you unique? Why would a customer choose you over another business providing the very same service for a very similar price?” This is one such instance of having that advantage. Build a feeling of importance within them, and they will return.

Timing – Strategies for Capturing Your Customers via Convenience

We try to capture the customer’s gratitude by offering them timing relief. How could this be done you may ask?. By realizing that customers have jobs. It’s paramount to recognize that customers have jobs and they are not going to come into a Toronto Dry Cleaner first thing Monday Morning! It should happen at times that allow customers to either drop off or pick up their dry cleaning in the early hours of the day or the very late hours of the day as well.

The truth is that all businesses open up 9-5 and many people also have to be at work 9-5. So the rush hour is in the morning or evenings. Do we really want customers taking time off of their jobs to come into do dry cleaning? Extending hours of operation taking into consideration their daily lives will let them know we understand. We care. So they come to depend on timely convenience for Toronto Dry Cleaning. If you use this for customers in your field, it may just come in handy!

This has been our experience. Best Wishes! J

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