How Sure Are You that Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Agency is Legit? 4 Warning Signs You Should Look Out For!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – stalking the internet for your next virtual staff is like being in a jungle. It’s thrilling and can be risky if you hire the wrong ones. And boy is it easy to find horror stories abound from an industry like this, inflicting damage to both parties, whether it’s a client that has gone incognito without a trace leaving a lump of unpaid invoices behind or a web designer who ran off with the whole payment but leaving the website half-done. A few weeks ago, we showed you what questions to ask to avoid being scammed. Today, we discuss how to sniff those outlaws even before you ask the tough questions….

5 Social Media Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Blog
Social Media / January 27, 2015

If you want to run a successful blog nowadays then you need to utilize social media. I have not seen a successful site in a while which does not use social media to some extent to drive traffic to their site. On this page I am going to take a little peek at five top social media strategies that you can use to start driving traffic today. On every post on your blog you want to have buttons that will allow people to easily share your content via social media. If you are utilizing a blogging platform such as WordPress then you will have no difficulty finding plugins that you can use. If you have a custom site then get…