A new approach to the business world- Cloud ERP software!

February 4, 2015

ERP software is a new sales tool especially tailored for the growth and expansion of the organizations. The entrepreneurs, who are willing to outsmart their company, can select this new software for their organization.

An ERP can also be termed as business process management software which allows an organization to manage and execute many back office functions related to human resources, technology, and services. It makes use of cloud computing platforms which makes it more flexible and enhanced.

Know different types of ERP software:

  • Exact globe ERP- This software is used when an organization is serving at global level. It serves best when there is a need of supporting sales, production, working hours, internal orders, inventory, and purchase related data are required.
  • Syspro ERP- This ERP type has proven best for small business entities. It facilitates inventory optimization, process modeling and workflow services.
  • Netsuite ERP-It is the most popular ERP module. It best suits for finance, orders placed, inventory control, purchase, payroll, and planning module. This software can be used specifically as per employee need.
  • Cloud ERP- It is an excellent solution for small business entity. It is based on real-time application and saves a lot of time and money.

Different types of ERP software are specifically tailored for a different purpose to ease the workflow in an organization and to enable a portable platform to perform efficiently.

What are the types of cloud ERP software?

Cloud ERP is basically designed for the small business entity. It creates applications in a cloud across internet in a remote server. They are further divided into three parts:

  • Private cloud ERP- In this type, each customer has its own database and application which is served by a highly scalable cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Hybrid ERP- It implements ERP applications related to cloud computing and offers a model ‘SaaS’ (Software as a service).
  • Public ERP- It offers a complete cloud-based

ERP software works on the above-mentioned strategies which simplify the workflow of an organization and reduce the paperwork. The benefits offered by the best ERP for small business are:

  • Uniformity: There are different departments in an organization, and they data requirements are also different. But the cloud computing enables a centralized storage of data that provides consistency to the workflow.
  • Scalability: Manages the workload or traffic. The resources can be provided as per the need of the user.
  • Simple to handle and provides technical support
  • Offers flexibility: It is portable in use. Can be used in different platforms.

ERP software can be used for various operations like sales, accounting /finance, and production.

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