5 Social Media Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

January 27, 2015

If you want to run a successful blog nowadays then you need to utilize social media. I have not seen a successful site in a while which does not use social media to some extent to drive traffic to their site. On this page I am going to take a little peek at five top social media strategies that you can use to start driving traffic today.

On every post on your blog you want to have buttons that will allow people to easily share your content via social media. If you are utilizing a blogging platform such as WordPress then you will have no difficulty finding plugins that you can use. If you have a custom site then get in touch with your web designer. Making it easy for people to share content with their social media friends will get the name of your blog out there, and hopefully this will generate a significant number of hits.

It is important that you regularly share content through social media. Hopefully you will have set up a social media profile for your blog on the main social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Over time you will start to generate followers. Every time you have a new post on your blog make sure you mention it through your social media profiles. This should generate a number of hits on your website. If you are lucky your followers may even share the post and this will result in even more hits for you!

It is important that you engage with the people that comment on your social media profile. You have to remember that most blogs are successful due to the way in which the author has helped showcase their personality. Most people who read blogs regularly do so because they love what a particular author has to say and they love the way an author does things. You will want to make the effort to show that you are a real person behind your computer. This means responding whenever somebody comments on your profile! (and that means responding to complaints too. Make sure you do it nicely however…)

You could use Social Media Advertising to generate traffic to your social media profile and ultimately your blog. I do however suggest you do a lot of research before you go down this route however. You see; social media advertising is a lot harder than advertising in the search engines. If you get things wrong then you will be spending a lot of money with nothing to show for your hard work.

Regularly update your social media profile! This will keep the name of your blog in the mind of your social media followers. This will make them more inclined to check you out every now and then. Remember; even large companies such as Coke have to regularly market themselves in order to ensure that they are always the first choice! Your blog should always be the first choice!

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